Greetings from Azerbaijan Seikyokushin

On behalf of the Azerbaijan Seikiokushin Karate we wish you a Merry Christmas!
We wish you all the best and prosperity!

Below is a brief information about the competition on 19.12.2021:
December 19, 2021. 16 athletes from the Representation team Seikiokushin in Azerbaijan took part in the championship of Baku in the
category of kumite among children, boys and adults, conducted by Azerbaijan Federation of Full Contact and Kyokushin Karate. Despite the
small number, the team of children and young men was able to bring the club 4 gold, 5 silver and 3 bronze medals:
Khalilzade Ayhan – 1st place
Vakilova Khadija – 1st place
Skorik Sofia – 1st place
Yusif Javad – 1st place
Seidli Mirmikail – 2nd place
Zulfugarly Zumrud – 2nd place
Iskenderov Sharif – 2nd place
Kazimly Jamil – 2nd place
Sayadov Vugar – 2nd place
Alimirza Nazrin – 3rd place
Alimirza Taleh – 3rd place
Gojazade Tural – 3rd place
Congratulations to our champions and wish them even greater achievements!
Head coach of the national team – Vusal Mammadov.
The second coach is Natik Hasanov
Shakhnaz Huseynova, Sabina Ibragimova, Vugar Ibragimov.
The chief judge of the competition is Shihan Gabil Sayadov.

Sabina Ibragimova
Secretary General
Azerbaijan Seikiokushin Karate